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Every year we work enthusiastically to bring you the latest and best products for our baskets. Our focus has always been on unique creative presentations and high quality product selection. We have never really thought about our philosophy or mission statement, maybe because it came naturally. So, when recently asked about our corporate vision, we stopped to reflect about what we have always been doing and realized that a short, simple phrase captured it perfectly . working from our hearts. And maybe that says it all! Our philosophy is to create a gift service that exceeds your expectations, and we go to extreme lengths to do just that. How do we know our approach is working? Because so many of you tell us that it is. We often hear that when your basket arrives, elegantly wrapped, it looks too beautiful to open. And yet too tempting to resist. What a wonderful dilemma for the recipient to face! Invariably, we hear that the products within are as exquisite as the presentation.

That kind of response makes all of us at Baskits so proud of what we do. We know that when you choose a gift you want it to reflect the emotions you want to convey and the high standards that reflect you. That means the company you select must have a similar level of emotional commitment and professionalism. At Baskits you can be assured of just that! We feel honored to share in your special occasions. Your satisfaction is our goal, one we always strive to surpass.

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